Hotel Ermione

Marina di Pietrasanta

As a seaside resort Marina di Pietrasanta has a peculiarity: it owns, in an harmonious whole, the most beautiful natural beauties. Each of these, if considered by itself, could be vaunt of every tourist resort. The sea, the beach, the pinewoods and the mountains are the elements that, in a range of few kms, offer a wonderful landscape in an atmosphere of quite relax. Marina di Pietrasanta comprehends Focette, Motrone, Tonfano and Fiumetto (from the south to the north).

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Hotel Ermione
Viale Roma, 183 - 55045 Marina di Pietrasanta (LU)
+ Versilia, Tuscany
Telephone: +39 0584 745852 Fax: +39 0584 745906

Partita IVA (VAT): 01233830460